Administrative Services

Admin Services CAS building

Leads the financial and administrative operations for the department. This includes management of public information, policies and procedures, fee studies, strategic financial planning, budgets, goods and services procurement, public records requests, and parking and building administration.

Core Services

Business Services

Manages the daily operation of County office spaces, building services, franchises, and parking facilities.

Finance Services

Builds and maintains budgets, establishes encumbrances and reviews job codes.

Procurement Services

Oversees County utilities payments and procures construction contracts, design, services and commodities. Also administers compliance services (including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act).

Revenue Streams

Manages fees and rates development, audit coordination and monitoring, and cashiering for OCPW.

Strategic Communications

Develops public information materials and activities for projects and programs, processes public records requests and subpoenas, and manages the department’s Agenda Staff Report process for preparing items to be considered by the Board of Supervisors. 

Delivers vehicle management services to County owned vehicles and equipment in County agencies and departments. This includes general maintenance, repair services and managing enforcement of vehicle rules and regulations.

Fleet Operations & Administration

Provides repair services to over 3,000 County-owned vehicles and equipment and enforces vehicle rules and regulations to ensure that County vehicles are operated safely and efficiently. Oversees regulatory, financial and equipment contract activities for operating Fleet Services, including managing funds for all County fleet costs, State funds received and natural gas fueling funds.