OC Facilities Maint. & CUF (Central Utility Facility)

Mission Statement

Construct, operate, and maintain public facilities with excellence and pride for the benefit of the public we serve.

Core Business Functions

The Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) Unit, Utilities & Energy Unit, and Build Automation Unit provide the bulk of the core services within OC Facilities Maintenance & CUF. These services include:

  • Maintenance management services
  • Facilities maintenance, repair, preventative maintenance
  • After-hours emergency services
  • Building automation and utility management for 215 facilities totaling over 9 million square feet 

Also provides maintenance and repair services or consultation regarding project scoping to a broad spectrum of clients including other County departments and agencies located in buildings owned or leased by the County, employees working in any of these facilities, and OC Facilities Design & Construction project managers.