Rainfall and Weather Data

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Real-Time Rainfall Totals

Real time and current daily rainfall accumulations from the Orange County Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time (ALERT) telemetry system rain gages. The real time storm data is automatically updated every 6 to 12 minutes. Daily accumulations of storm data for the previous one, two and three days are updated every morning at 8:00 AM. Note: Times are Pacific Standard Time.

Rainfall and Stream Gage Summaries

Orange County rainfall information for the latest storm event. The rainfall information is manually updated during and immediately following storms. Daily rainfall data accumulations for the current year are provided for two non-ALERT Orange County stations: Costa Mesa Station #219 and Santa Ana Station #121; and two ALERT gages: Santiago Peak Station #208 and Villa Park Dam Station #220.

Historic Data

Historical Rain Stations summarized in Excel spread sheets for 18 rain gages located throughout Orange County. Hydrologic Data report summarizes data for recording, non-reporting rain gages, flood control, retarding basin and reservoir water level stations.

ALERT System

Overview of the ALERT (Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time) flood detection system. The ALERT system consists of numerous automated rain gages, water level sensors, and computer base stations operated by California Counties in cooperation with the National Weather Service for real time monitoring of storm conditions via real time radio telemetry.

Weather Links

Sources of regional, state, and national weather information including; local weather radar images, short range weather forecasts, beach conditions, and river information. OC Watersheds is not responsible for the content or data provided by these outside sources.