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SARI Line Relocation Project in Final Stages

Information for SAVI Ranch Businesses

The Orange County Flood Control District, in cooperation with the Orange County Sanitation District and the
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, is in the final stages of relocating a 4-mile section of the existing Santa
Ana River Interceptor sewer pipeline (SARI Line) from the Orange/San Bernardino county border to SAVI
Ranch. Work currently taking place behind SAVI Ranch includes installing the last sections of pipe, efforts to
ensure flood protection and completing environmental restoration.

The relocation project began in late 2011 with major construction behind SAVI Ranch scheduled for completion
this spring.

Over the years, erosion has put 4 miles of the existing SARI Line in jeopardy of failure during heavy rainstorms.
Relocating the SARI Line ensures continued reliable sewer service for the public, safeguards water quality in the
river and along its banks, and protects coastal waters and beaches that lie at the mouth of the Santa Ana River.
In addition, the Orange County Water District’s water recharge basins, which are adjacent to the Santa Ana
River, are safeguarded against the risk of contamination.

For the next two months, businesses within SAVI Ranch and adjacent to the Santa Ana River can expect to see
increased traffic, including large trucks and other vehicles carrying heavy equipment, on the construction road.
As has been our practice throughout the project, we will continue dust-mitigation procedures, including watering
the construction road. Drivers will also follow strict speed limits when traveling on the construction road.

Phone: 714.647.3930 (during business hours); 949.854.1443 (nights and weekends)
Website: (click on the Santa Ana River Interceptor Relocation Project box)
February 2014
Santa Ana River Interceptor
(SARI) Mainline Project
Protecting public health,
and safeguarding the environment

We thank SAVI Ranch businesses for their patience
and understanding during the construction
of this important environmental-protection project.

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