OC Facilities Design & Construction

OC Facilities – Design & Construction Division

Mission Statement

Providing Professional and Efficient Project Management Services

Core Business Functions

  • The Project Management and Custodial Services Unit are responsible for providing the majority of the core services supported by this division.
  • Project Managers partner with a variety of stakeholders in addition to County departments and staff, including architectural and engineering firms, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Projects range from space planning and preparation for the relocation of entire departments from one location to another; resurfacing of parking lots; replacement of fire alarm systems; upgrading elevator systems;  and vertical construction such as the Tustin Family Campus.
  • The Custodial Unit provides janitorial and custodial services in County buildings throughout the Civic Center Campus.

OC Facilities – Design & Construction provides a broad series of professional architectural- and engineering-related services in the planning and implementation of capital projects for various County agencies and the programs they administer.