Director's Message


    It was a busy year in 2018 for OC Public Works – and we expect the same throughout 2019 as our teams continue to be hard at work on new and ongoing projects throughout Orange County.  Looking back, here’s a snapshot of some of OC Public Works’ notable accomplishments over the past year:

    1. Customer Service Efficiencies through Technology:
    1. Completed GIS-based condition assessment tool for Orange County Flood Control District Facilities Master Flood Control Plan;
    2. Developed a majority of training programs and initiated public outreach efforts for the new Land Management System; and
    3. Completed indexing for roughly 70% of the Net County Cost real estate assets for population of the new Centralized Maintenance Management System
     2.  Enhancing the Built Environment through Infrastructure

    1. Completed all building elements for the Bridges at Kraemer Place, the County first year-round homeless transitional facility;
    2. Completed construction of structural elements of the new County Administration South building (Building 16) as part of the Civic Center Facilities Strategic Plan;
    3. Completed Central Utility Facility Upgrade Improvement Project that powers, heats and cools government buildings within the Santa Ana Civic Center;
    4. Encumbered 90% of the programed funding for Fiscal Year 2017/18 Maintenance Improvement Program projects and constructed 50% of Fiscal Year 2017/18 Maintenance Improvement Program projects;
    5. Completed nearly all Federal Emergency Management Agency approved repairs from the significant January 2017 rain storms;
    6. Facilitated construction phase award of roughly half of horizontal Capital Improvement Projects programmed for construction in Fiscal Year 2018/19;
    7. Encumbered programmed funding and constructed more than 70% of Fiscal Year 2017/18 SB1 Pavement Maintenance Projects;
    8. Completed security access equipment installation and striping for County Parking Structure P8 in the Santa Ana Civic Center;
    9. Completed parking equipment upgrades at all facilities, including payment security compliance for customer credit card usage.

     3.  Quality of Life Improvements through Policy Efforts
    1. Completed comprehensive “Orange is the New Green” Zoning Code Update for Planning Commission consideration; this serves as the land-use zoning “blueprint” for areas within unincorporated Orange County;
    2. Updated and combined Northern & Central County Integrated Regional Water Management Plans in our efforts to keep your beaches, creeks and waterways clean;
    3. Completed final draft of our Countywide Policy on County vehicle telematices features to reduce fuel consumption, decrease vehicle maintenance costs and improve operational efficiencies.

    Other 2018 Accomplishments of Note

    1. Administrated construction of $40 million of horizontal Capital Improvement Program projects and OC Community Resources projects;
    2. Completed roadway pavement improvement projects raising the County’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) from 79 to 80, keeping our roadways as some of the best in the state (state average is 67);
    3. Issued land development permits with a total building valuation of over $460 million
    4. Completed 37,523 building inspections and processed 9,062 building and grading permits;
    5. Received “A” grades from Heal the Bay for Orange County’s 121 monitored beaches (summer), while earning most spots statewide on the organization’s Honor Roll;
    6. Cleared 404 tons of debris/trash from Santa Ana River encampments, including 13,950 needles and 5,279 pounds of biohazardous waste;
    7. Delivered the Santa Ana River Trail Realignment project for bikeway amenities
    8. Provided identification badges on-site to 345 homeless individuals along the Santa Ana River
    9. Removed over 187,000 tons of trash, debris and sediment from County roads and flood control channels, repaired/replaced over 24,708 square feet of sidewalk, removed/covered over 1.62 million square feet of graffiti, cleared over 795,104 feet of flood control channels, restriped over 1.71 million linear feet of roadway, removed over 1,100 tons of trash from 2,400 catch basins, performed 6,420 tree trimmings, removed/replaced more than 3,000 roadway signs and removed over 84,000 cubic yards of sediment from channels/outlets;
    10. Through our Agricultural Commissioner’s office, registered 166,550 weighing and measuring devices, 833 fueling stations, and 22,096 retail checkout/price scanners;
    11. Issued final Certificate of Occupancy for the County’s new OC Animal Care facility;
    12. Reached Tentatively Selected Plan milestone for the Westminster Watershed Study for a $1.2 billion federal flood control project that will further enhance flood protection in Orange County’s largest floodplain area;
    13. Responded to over 1,000 Neighborhood Preservation (code enforcement) requests;
    14. Completed the 2018 Design and Construction Policy Manual update;
    15. Negotiated Guaranteed Maximum Price and began design for Phase 2; of the Civic Center Facilities Strategic Plan;
    16. Reduced County vehicle commissioning costs by $250,000 through patrol vehicle standardization;
    17. Achieved industry standard goal of 95% fleet operation time for vehicles Countywide;
    18. Completed 108 reviews/59 recordings of parcel maps, 483 reviews/183 recordings of survey map records and 3,055 reviews/2,297 filings of corner records.

    That is a great list with many great accomplishments – and it does not capture all of the 2018 efforts by the men and women of OC Public Works. We’re excited to continue our efforts each and every day for the communities we serve throughout Orange County.

    Shane L. Silsby